Hooded cowl in soft, bulky acrylic yarn – 2018
Fingerless Gloves – 2011
Infant Hat crocheted with acrylic yarn. Earflaps & ties. 2007
Hair Ties from leftover yarn & ribbons. 2008
Children’s size hats with bills. Crocheted with acrylic yarns. 2013
Toddler & Child Size granny square hats. 2014
Beanies with granny squares, crocheted with acrylic yarns. 2015
A crocheted Christmas Hat for this baby. 2014
Hair Ties fit right in at festivals! 2008
Cotton Brimmed Sunhat. 2014
Mother-daughter matching crocheted/knitted beanies. 2018
Crocheted Billed Hat. 2014
Crocheted hat with earflaps and granny squares. 2012
Hair Ties. 2013
Crocheted hats that fit American Girl Doll Heads. 2012
Grandmother & Granddaughter matching cotton sunhats with brims. 2011
Matching Infinity Scarf and Brimmed Hat. Crocheted & knitted in soft, bulky acrylic yarn. 2017
Infant hat with earflaps. 2016
Hair Ties!
Rolled crocheted Beanie in wool/synthetic blend yarn. 2016
Matching Father-Son crocheted hats. Adult Beanie & Infant Earflap Hat. 2007
Adult Cotton Brimmed Sunhat. 2010
Infant size simple crocheted Beanie. 2012
Hair Ties! 2013
Children size Billed hats. 2010
Sisters with matching Head Bands. Cousins with matching Earflap Hats. 2019
Billed Hat. 2009
Cotton Brimmed Sunhat – Infant size. 2011
Hair Ties! 2015
Matching Child & Doll size Earflap Hats. 2014
It’s A Party On Your Head! 2016